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Panel Beating 101


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Panel beating is one of the crucial smash repair services and involves the manipulation of the vehicle panels to restore the vehicle to an as-new condition and shape. Here at Bannockburn Panel Repairs, our Geelong panel beaters are skilled in a complete a range of repair techniques, so our customer can drive away in a vehicle that looks even better than it used to.

In this month’s blog, we share some of the latest panel beating techniques and processes used by our skilled team in our Grovedale workshop.

Structural Repairs

Every car brand has its own repair procedures to ensure the structural integrity of the vehicle. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) devise the repair procedures to suit the capabilities of the collision repair industry – whilst maintaining the quality and safety of the vehicle.

Here at Bannockburn Panel Repairs, we ensure our team of Geelong panel beaters are experienced in repairing almost every make and model. As vehicles are constantly evolving, we invest in comprehensive training for our team so they can continue to confidently repair the latest models. Our workshop trains our team in factory repair methods and ensures quality assured processes, so we can deliver the highest quality workmanship.


If your vehicle requires major collision repairs, welding may be a necessary technique in the panel beating process. Welding provides a more robust vehicle structure by enabling metal to be welded together to form a strong joint.

Repairing Scratches & Dents

When your vehicle has been scratched, and there is no dent in the panel, the panel repair process involves priming and sanding out.  Repairing dents or deep scratches requires a more detailed repair process. Bare metal sanding and/or panel beating work will be required, with putty applied to completely remove the damage.

Prep, Priming & Sanding

This 3-step process ensures the smoothest surface is achieved in preparation for professional spray painting. It commences with sanding and degreasing, before your panel beaters prime the panels and dry them with UV technology. It is followed by cleaning, primer sanding, fine sanding and further degreasing. A tack rag is then used to clean the panel in preparation for the application of the paint system.

Spray Painting

Once all the processes have been completed, your vehicle will be ready for the spray painting process. Spray painting visibly restores your vehicle to its former glory and is done onsite at our Grovedale workshop. Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art spray booths which allow our panel beats to prevent contamination and provide a superior finish. We work with the world’s leading vehicle paint brands to ensure an as-new finish for our customers.

Our Geelong Panel Beaters Will Take Great Care Of Your Vehicle

We pair a highly trained team with the latest panel beating techniques and state-of-the-art workshop technology, to produce a premium result. If you’d like to organise a repair or request a competitive quote, please contact Bannockburn Panel Repairs on 03 5244 1708. Our experienced Geelong panel beaters have the technology, tools and expertise to make sure that your panel beating and spray painting process is a complete success

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