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What To Expect During The Accident Repair Process


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When your vehicle has been in an accident, or its suffered auto body damage, you can feel upset and overwhelmed. You’ve already got your hands full dealing with the situation, and now you have to contact your insurer to organise your accident repair.

Here at Bannockburn Panel Repairs, we’ve been looking after accident repair customers for almost 20 years, and we fully understand what they’re going through. Our Grovedale workshop is dedicated to making smash accident repairs easier with our straightforward and stress-free solutions.

In this blog, we share our auto repair process, so you can feel confident and informed about the road ahead.

Step 1. Contact With Insurer

The first thing you should do once you’ve been in an auto accident, is to make sure that everyone is safe, and your vehicle is out of the way of any traffic or hazards. Once safe, you should then get in contact with your insurance company to inform them of all the details of your accident and your preferred repairer.

Step 2. Accident Repair Estimate

Come into Bannockburn Panel Repairs for your accident repair estimate. Our friendly team are here to help you through the entire process. We’ll take photos of the vehicle damage, prepare the estimate and submit it to your insurance company.

Step 3. Insurance Authorisation

Your insurance company will organise the insurance authorisation. You’ll then be able to schedule your vehicle for repairs and receive the expected completion date from our team.

Step 4. Parts Organised

Bannockburn Panel Repairs will then order the required parts. Once they are received, we’ll check that they’ve arrived and are 100% correct.

Step 5. Vehicle Comes Into Workshop

When your vehicle arrives at our Grovedale workshop, it will be dismantled and re-inspected by our trained staff.

Step 6. Supplementary Damage Report

If required, we’ll write and authorise a supplementary damage report. Additional parts may have to be ordered.

Step 7. Structural & Body Repairs Commence

Bannockburn Panel Repairs will then commence your vehicle structural and body repairs .

Step 8. Panel Work Quality Check

Once the panel work is completed, we’ll then do our first quality check.

Step 9. Customer Communication

After your panel work has been checked, we’ll contact you to let you know how your repairs have progressed and answer any queries you may have.

Step 10. Spray Painting

Your vehicle will be prepped, primed, sanded and masked for painting. Your vehicle will be chemically cleaned and tacked.

Step 11. Refinishing

In our clean, temperature-controlled booth, the refinish occurs.

Step 12. Vehicle Is Reassembled

Now that the repairs and spray painting have been completed, your vehicle will be reassembled by our experienced team.

Step 13. Vehicle Detailing & Quality Checks

Bannockburn Panel Repairs will detail your vehicle and perform the final quality checks.

Step 14. Customer Contacted For Pickup

You’ll be contacted by our team to organise a convenient time to pickup your repaired vehicle.

Step 15. Vehicle Pickup

Upon pickup, our friendly staff will take you to your vehicle — which will showcase our first-class smash repair and spray painting expertise. You’ll be able to drive away as another one of our happy customers!

Smash Accident Repairs Made Easier

Bannockburn Panel Repairs are your accident repair specialists. We’re here to make smash accident repairs an easier and less stressful experience. Call our team today to organise your accident repair on 03 5244 1708. We look after customers right across Geelong, including Belmont, South Geelong, Newcomb, Breakwater, Highton, Newtown and more.

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